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May 15, 2016

Drake returns to SNL as host, musical guest and IRL meme.

Drake was both host and performer on SNL this week, and let’s just say that he is not afraid of some hard work work work work work. He appeared in every single sketch aside from the cold open and you know what, he had me chucklin’ the whole darn time. He kicked off the show with a great musical monologue about how he’s “more than a meme,” featuring noneother than Rihanna herself!

If Josh Gad was here, he would have made me laugh!

Drake seems like he’s so funny and nice IRL, but in the filmed sketch “Drake’s Beef,” the Canadian rapper showed us that there’s a lot of repressed anger underneath that polite facade. So if Drake says hi to you, you should say hi back, and don’t throw away his water bottle when there are still like ten sips left.

Oh, he’s hilarious dawg! Who is Rick Moranis?

Drake really nailed the “Black Jeopardy"sketch playing, well … a black Canadian. When he gets an answer wrong (which is every time), he pouts and whines that the host (Kenan Thompson) can’t lump all black people into one category. To which Thompson offers the cutting response, "I’m gonna go ahead and let you tell that to our American police.”

Last time, it was down to me and Melania! I hear he picked her just because she had both ears.

All of the Weekend Update guests were especially strong once again. Kate McKinnon returned as Olya Povlatsky to comment on Donald Trump, serving up some of the sharpest Trump jokes we’ve seen this season.

Our generation is much healthier now! My dad didn’t hydrate. He drank Scotch. My dad didn’t exercise. He drank Scotch.

Then Leslie Jones showed up to talk about following your dreams and learning that sometimes you need to fail to succeed. Oprah was fired at 23, but that was a good thing, “because she was just some 23-year-old punk who needed to get fired so she could become Oprah.” Jones then muses on where Lorne Michaels might now be if he’d gotten fired. Instead, he’s “still working the same damn job” 41 years after starting SNL.