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July 15, 2016

Make your own internet without breaking a sweat.

Sick and tired of spending your limited free time trying to think of new ways to add something to the political discussion?

Are you, like us, trying to make new and unique internet content, but are sick of working hard?

Do you wish we could have thought of a third thing?

Well, then you’re in luck because the mashup masters at Coub had you in mind when they created theTrump/Hillary Reaction Generator.

One simple click for either Trump or Hillary instantly combines a random soundbite from one of the two Presidential nominees with an even more random moment from pop culture, creating a short, unexpected video you can spread around the internet to your heart’s content.

Below are just a few that have already been created. And when we say “created,” don’t worry, we mean “randomly generated.” We promise you won’t have to work hard to make these. It’s the FOD guarantee.

See more by searching #TrumpHillary on Coub or, again, you can make your own with very little effort.