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June 13, 2011

So this falls a bit in line with my funny thoughts. The other day I was having my own little My So-Called Life marathon thanks to the DVDs my friend lent me, and as the credits rolled and the person whispers,"Go, now, go" I had an epiphany. 

30 Rock needs to do an entire episode shot like My So-Called Life.

Down to every last detail, including the opening credits recreating those short clips of the characters.

Here, so far, is how I see the characters of the two shows match up:

Angela Chase - Liz Lemon (being able to narrate the whole show)
Rayanne Graff - Jenna Maroney (they both drink and do a fair amount of drugs)
Rickie Vasquez - Tracey Jordan :o)
Brian Krakow - Kenneth Parcell (totally working the blond fro)
Jordan Catalano - Jack Donaghy (I just really want to see him dressed in grunge, then again, the joke could be his version of grunge is wearing a plaid tie with his tuxedo)
Sharon Cherski (always thinking out loud, the straight laced friend) - Pete Hornberger/Frank Rossitano/Toofer/Lutz, this one I'm not quite sure about yet

Pete Hornberger could act as Graham Chase, the sort of father figure to Liz Lemon/Angela Chase. Lutz could act as the little sister being ignored all the time and giving everyone a sour face. I know, this isn't quite perfect yet but I'm just getting the idea out there.

And if somehow it could work out on the show that 30 Seconds to Mars is the musical guest, hence having Jared Leto. Not sure how they could work in Claire Danes. She could just be making an appearance on the Today Show.

The guys at Community could also do an amazing job playing out their show and characters after My So-Called Life.

But I do just like the ring of "My So-Called 30 Rock"

go, now, go!