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April 25, 2016

The PepsiCo company is paying the ultimate tribute to His Purple Majesty! Is it in you?

PepsiCo, the makers of the popular Gatorade brand sports-themed beverage and food products, has announced that effective IMMEDIATELY they will be stopping production on all the various flavors of Gatorade but grape to honor the memory of Prince!

Grape Gatorade is instantly recognizable by its purple color just as Prince was known by his flamboyant purple costumes and purple themed nicknames – The Purple One and His Purple Majesty.

Tommy Kopelgil, spokesperson for Gatorade Brands said in a press release, “We want consumers to know that Gatorade cares about more than sports. We are passionate about hydrating performers of all kinds; be they musicians, painters, writers or porn stars. They need to answer yes to the question ‘Is It In You’ if they expect to stay hydrated and maximize their performances. Prince was known to play for hours and hours, he was clearly a very well-hydrated individual and we at Gatorade want to honor that so we are discontinuing all our lesser flavors in favor of Grape flavor.

This move may seem very rash but we want people to know we’ve thought for over a couple hours after seeing all the shares bridges, buildings and various other purple tributes were getting on social media. We just can’t pass up those numbers… and we love Prince too. So we may change the name to simply Gatorade, Princeade or Prince’s Purple Passion – we’re not sure yet, that will come with time but for the moment we’re calling it simply Purple-Ade. We have been going around singing Purple Ade to the tune of Purple Rain all day and it seems pretty catchy.”