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August 27, 2008


Now, I do pay a lot of attention to politics, but I really don't like to go out and preach about my beliefs. I'd rather leave it to Jim McPartland, someone obviously more passionate about it.

But, like most people my age, and from my area, I support Barack Obama as president. Because I like his fresher ideas, and I think that he would be better for the country. Now, the more "experienced" McCain kinda scares me. Originally, I thought that since he and Ron Paul were fighting for the Republican nom, the party had finally started to drift away from the neoCon movement championed by George Bush and Dick Cheney. But then as I paid attention to McCain, he sounded awfully familiar. He really doesn't fit the "Maverick" label anymore. What could've been a message to the GOP, just turned into Bush III.

Now, I do go on sites that attack Obama and try to give the anti-Obamites some facts.

Here's a message I got from my YouTube account from nakedBison69:

"easilyDissolved supports Black moslem leader barack hussein osama obama bin ladden because he blames himself ror Black slavery"

I'm guessing the guy isn't what some may call "smart" or "well-informed".

 EDIT: I got a new message from nakedBison69:

"easilyDissolved is a brainless, slave-owning moslem"

This is so funny, I'm putting it on my status for now. BTW, I'm not a slave owner and I'm Catholic. Brainless, I'll leave that up to you.

I got this response from stavros333:

"Vote Obama "SAVE A WHALE"Vote McCain "SAVE A BABY"the safest place on the planet use to be the womb of a mother about to give birth.....But no longer, with Obama as President
Babies will no longer be safe. Millions more babies will die as a result
of his pro death stance cloaked in "ProChoice"

Hooooolyyyyy shit! If Obama is president, he will ensure that no babies will ever be born, again! If McCain is president, we'll be up to our knees in newborns! Too ridiculous...

Republicans just suprise me how out of touch they are with the issues.

Gramm drafted McCain's economic policy, which McCain admitted he knows nothing about, and called the country "a bunch of whiners".

McCain said he wouldn't rule out bringing back the draft or raising taxes to continue the war in Iraq or fighting in Afghanistan, or even start a war in Iran.

McCain has no idea how many houses he owns or what he voted for.

The Republican point of view today makes no sense to me. They want to give more money to people that don't need it. They are quick to rush headfirst into a war then think of a reason to start it. They claim to want a smaller government, but they are the ones who are trying to overturn Roe vs. Wade, giving them control over a woman's choice. They are trying to make amendments to ban gay marriage, giving them control to tell people who to marry. They are the drafters of the Patriot Act, giving them control over people's communications and doing away with the Fourth Amendment (which protects against illegal search and seizure).  They want us to believe that they'll protect us from terrorists, while President Reagan was the one who put the Taliban and Osama bin Ladin in power in Afghanistan. They want to take credit for removing Saddam Hussein, but they were also the ones who sponsored him and gave him weapons (again, thanks to Reagan). They want people to believe Iran is a threat, yet they were the ones who gave them weapons (Reagan). They want people to blame Democrats for blocking drilling, yet it was President Bush (no. 41, not no. 43) that blocked it.

Is anyone else's head hurting?

I'll try to be funnier in my next blog.