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July 16, 2018

What time is it? It's beef time!

Whoa, daddy, it’s beef time!

Hell yeah! It’s beef time. The time for beef is upon us. Check the clocks and make sure they’re set to beef time cause it’s beef time. One could say it’s never been more beef time than it is right now cause it’s beef time. If some asshat comes up to you and asks what time it is don’t even second guess it cause it’s beef time. What’s that? What time is it? Oh, I’m sorry. You must have not heard me, I said it’s beef time! Whoa daddy slow on down and look at the beef waves cause it’s beef time and we’re going beef cruisin with our beef babes down the beef coast. It’s beef time baby. It’s beef time. Beef time is here. It’s beef time.