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December 17, 2014

Keep this on the DL. Sony's just gonna mail everyone a DVD of "The Interview"

Just hours following their announcement that, “The Interview” will be pulled from theaters, Sony Pictures has come to a new decision. Sony Pictures will just mail DVDs of the controversial film to anyone that asks, on the one condition that we just “keep this to ourselves” and “don’t tell North Korea.”

In a new statement released about the unprecedented and sneaky move Sony Pictures said, “…we really do want people to see the film. I mean, it’s really funny and Seth Rogen gets hit in the balls like at least three times. So, just let us know if you want to see this hilarious movie, and we’ll send you a DVD, as long as you don’t tell anyone in North Korea. Seriously, guys. Let’s just keep this between us and we can all enjoy.”

At press time, North Korea did not have a comment on this new move… oh wait. Crap.

*This article is political satire and does not purport to hold any truth whatsoever. Any statements made in this article are completely false and are for comedic purposes only.