SNL returned this weekend led by big-time action star and hugely charming personality Dwayne “The Rock" Johnson, whose abundance of energy made the whole episode a lot of fun. I liked so many sketches in this episode that for a minute I thought about listing the episode’s anti-highlights, as in, “These are the sketches you don’t have to see, but definitely watch all the other ones,” but not only is that rude as hell, I also don’t feel that way about any of the sketches. It would also be a useless article cuz I guess then you’d have to search for all the sketches that weren’t on that list? What a pain! This was a bad idea and I’m not afraid to admit it. I had a cup of coffee and feel better now.

The episode opened with a “'The Rock’ Obama” sketch ft. John Boehner, Tom Cotton, and Bobby Moynihan’s especially fun impression of Ted Cruz. It also had some more people but I’m not trying to ruin the sketch for you. It’s nice that you’re reading words about it but it might be better if you just watch it.

The Rock returned to his roots for this WrestleMania promo, with Johnson playing a pro wrestler who doesn’t know where to draw the line when smack-talking his opponent. This is just one of a couple times this episode where Johnson played a beefy, well-intentioned but socially inept man, and it was impressive how good he was at it every time, especially since the real Johnson is probably great at talking to people. Because he’s so charming!

When this digital short introduces a new live-action Disney movie to follow the live-action Cinderella, it gives you just enough time to imagine all the princess movies you’d love to see The Rock in. Then, TWIST, it’s one of the animal movies! And then, double twist, it’s one of the animal movies mashed up with a franchise that The Rock is a big part of. Cool!

This is just a sketch about an annoying man interrupting a couple trying to have a sweet anniversary dinner. Johnson plays the annoying man. BUT, and please hear me out, it’s very good!?!?!?!?

One of the final sketches of the episode was mainly a vessel for Kate McKinnon’s impression of Robert Durst. It was a good impression! This is a sketch that you should definitely watch if you like to see good impressions. Are impressions your thing? Check out this sketch, below: