This week Colbert had President Obama as its first guest, so whichever guest had to follow that on Tuesday had some big shoes to fill, gosh that’s a lot of pressure to put on someone at the beginning of an article but it’s too late to go back now!

Anyways, Tuesday’s non-President guest was British comedian/actor/singer James Corben, who stars alongside Meryl Streep and Johnny Depp in the new musical film adaptation Into the Woods. The more interesting connection, though, between Corben and Colbert (besides that their names are kinda similar, haha, just observing patterns as I type them!) is that this time next year they will be hosting late night TV back-to-back on CBS, with Colbert taking over for Letterman on Late Show and Corben taking over for Craig Ferguson on the Late Late Show.

Below, the two future late night stars talk about British TV and Stephen Sondheim, and sing a song together.