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August 02, 2016

Here is a list of things that, quite frankly, can go fuck themselves.

Whether something ultra-specific or something incredibly broad, be it a tiny annoyance or a max-level aggravation, here is a list of things that, quite frankly, can go fuck themselves.

  • Weak-ass coffee
  • People who comment on your status without liking it
  • Using someone else’s keyboard and it’s just a tiny bit smaller than yours
  • Getting a bad gift from someone and having to please THEM by acting grateful
  • Harsh overhead lighting
  • The 7th Season of Gilmore Girls
  • People walking slower than you on the sidewalk
  • People walking faster than you on the sidewalk
  • Splashing me when I’m not trying to get wet
  • Any business that only accepts cash
  • Summer … but also the winter
  • Websites that end in .biz
  • People who post memes I’ve already seen
  • Green bananas
  • Just the fact that fitted sheets don’t come with folding instructions
  • Bus drivers that see you, but don’t stop
  • When it rains, but you’re not inside
  • Butt sweat … let’s be honest
  • That we never really gave the recent 90210 remake a freaking chance
  • When one earbud works and the other doesn’t
  • Soda cans that are cold on the aluminum, but still warm on the inside
  • Honey containers and how you can never keep the outside from getting sticky
  • Hair loss (male and female)
  • Being nice to Uncle David
  • That feeling of watching Seinfeld on Hulu, even though you have the DVDs, and now for some reason you feel lazy just because you wanted to watch your man Kramer be hilarious
  • Donald “Fucking” Trump