Can we talk about what a great host Donald Trump was last night? JK!!! Srsly though, let’s take a moment to acknowledge that it actually happened amid all of the protests. In fact, the website offered a bounty to any audience member who yelled “Trump’s a racist” during his monologue. Now that would have been a highlight. Instead they made Larry David preempt any controversy by heckling a smugly expectant Trump.

“Trump’s a racist!”

The most unforgivable part, though, is that Trump wasn’t even entertaining. His whole delusional egomaniac shtick wasn’t “bad-but-I-can’t-look-away amusing,” this time, it was boring and unfunny. He also looks like he probably spits on you while he’s talking (literally and figuratively), so let’s just say I would not have a beer with that guy!

In spite of a weak host, who insisted on curating the episode as much as he could to be one big campaign ad, the cast, writers, and guests offered a few glimmers of good comedy. Let’s focus on that! Because SNL is great! Even if Donald Trump is a total piece of shhhhh.

“What the hell is this tonight, why are we even doing this?”

In the MSNBC Forum cold open, Larry-as-Bernie explains to Cecily Strong’s Rachel Maddow that because of his distrust for our nation’s crumbling bridges and tunnels, he always keeps a kayak strapped on top of his car. “So if you ever see a soaking wet man pulling a kayak out of the river and screaming about bridges, give him a hand! Because he’s your next president!”

“He’s doing his best.”

This “Hotline Bling” parody makes a pretty obvious joke — Drake dances like a dad — but that doesn’t make watching Jay Pharoah, Beck Bennett, Taran Killam, Bobby Moynihan, and Trump dancing like “sneaky fish” any less great. It was also the only time I laughed my a** off at Trump all night. Trump, maybe he’s not so bad after all?

“Not on my swatch.”

This was the best (and drunkest) Drunk Uncle segment in some time. It was also the closest the episode got to ridiculing Trump, by acknowledging that he only appeals to sloshed old racists. A welcome reality check during an episode that seemed to not only condemn Trump’s bigotry, but celebrate it. But hey, at least it’s over.