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September 05, 2015

Moleskine coffee shop guy discusses his best tattoos.

1. “Ballpoint pen”
This tat has a design that ladies with bangs might notice and think, woah, THIS guy has a nice big one and reads Infinite Jest. I only read half of the first chapter and it totally went over my head. I felt so alone. Tried to find my dad on google (dot com).

2. “butter dish”
I just really like butter and I think it’s a cultural icon.

3. “TEXT: Beer Queer”
I drink pale ales and lagers because I like dark beers. Originally it was just going to say BEER in a post-ironic kind of “King of the Hill” type way, but then it thought I could show my support to the LGBT community as well. Because nothing gets a fringe girl feeling naughty like support of the LGBT community! @upworthy.com

4. “chewbacca”
SUCH a good movie. I really want to see it.

5. “barstool”
I basically grew up in this bar in my hometown called Chili’s, it was a real cultural place where these people came in and hung out with my mom while she worked. I learned everything I know from there so it’s pretty important to me and who I am in my life. (Also see “beer queer”)

6. TEXT: “Marilyn forever"
An ex girlfriend that I had whotold me she would love me forever then slept with Dan and shattered my world so hard.

7. “long black line”
I really like simplicity in my life and it sort of represents how we get from point a to point b. But also someone said it looked like It was a strikethrough on Word, which I like too b/c it makes me seem badass. So it’s kind of up to interpretation. My dad probably would say it’s a cool line though.

8. TEXT: “Call me Maybe, Dad”
Just song lyrics.

9. “tree that is growing babies”
I hooked up with this girl in Barcelona when I studied abroad and she told me this amazing story about a tree that grows babies. Her grandmother always told this story and it really shook the way I viewed my choices. It was super amazing and she cried while she told me it before we made out naked. It was really beautiful. I think her name was Glóriá.

The name of my band. We are pretty good and we play at that bar “Outback Steakhouse” a lot. Its mostly post-thrash but we sometimes play reggae covers.

11. “a cake”
I actually really love cake, and I think its sort of a cultural thing.

12. “broken home w/ beers out front”
This is a house and its all boarded up because I really like abandoned homes and exploring them. I think its sort of a cultural thing as in like we are always walking past these homes and wondering who used to live there. DAD if you are reading this please email me b/c I lost my phone.(snowboardcappucino@me.com)