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Published: November 21, 2011
Description: Bieber nation and Selena Gomez will never be the same!

Hollywood, California - Bieber Nation was thrown into a turmoil at the AMAs last night when Justin Bieber revealed that he has traded in the classic Bieber swoop of hair for something more traditional. The results of the change are astonishing to say the least.


BEFORE: Justin sporting that divine hair.


AFTER: Will girlfriend Selena Gomez be

under the mistletoe with him this Christmas?

While celeb reporters everywhere commended Justin for going with a classic look, there has been some rumblings that the polka dot bow tie was a bit too much. "Who doesn't like a chain-and-pocket watch ensemble?" stated Newest Newsy News fashion consultant, Michelle Gurney, "But the polka dot tie simply throws the entire thing off."

It appeared that girlfriend Selena Gomez was not impressed with the new haircut. As the couple sat in their front row seats at the AMAs last night Selena refused to hold hands with her guy. It is reported by a close friend that Ms Gomez whispered to galpal Taylor Swift that ever since the new look Justin has been eating strange food like bangers and mash, black pudding as well as chips. The couple, the source stated, got into a huge fight over the fact that Justin was calling french fries chips while Selena demanded that her Canadian boyfriend stay with the more traditional American term. "What's next?" Selena reportedly shrieked, "Are you now going to start spelling color c-o-l-o-u-r?"


We at the Newest Newsy News wish the couple the best.


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