Benefits and Drawbacks of Biomass Boilers

With oil and gas supplies only being given a 45 and 65 year lifespan by researchers, our fossil fuels are in danger of disappearing very quickly.

Therefore, there is a constant need to find an alternative energy source and advancements have been made when it comes to utilizing other sources of fuel.

One such source is biomass, an energy created from the burning of biological materials, primarily plants and biodegradable waste.

This can power heating systems known as biomass boilers and is a genuine alternative to the fossil fuels we have always taken for granted.

However, the development of biomass energy has prompted the discussion of several advantages and disadvantages.


Producing heat and energy using biomass boilers and heaters is far more beneficial to the environment, since they use agricultural, urban, or industrial residues rather than burning fossil fuels.

Producing energy this way recycles carbon and will not have a long last impact of the environment.

When we burn fossil fuels, they produce carbon that does not already exist in the carbon cycle, so we are constantly adding more in to the atmosphere.

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