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April 14, 2014

Do you have the guts to...leave an orange at a stranger's door step?

In the not-so-complex world of pranking, we tend to follow certain guidelines.  For example, we usually want a witness (or some video/photographic evidence) to show others that a prank actually happened.  Another would be to not be caught planning anything by your victim until the gag is complete.

However, one “unwritten” rule that pranksters generally follow is to actually know the victim.. whether they’re an acquaintance, relative, or your best friend.

This week, I plan to accept the “Dayumn Challenge” and change the curve… we will be pulling a prank on a complete stranger!

When pulling a prank on a complete stranger, there are several precautions involved… for one, we don’t know how big or intimidating they may be (you do NOT want to be caught throwing water balloons at at a man who loves riding motorcycles!)

For this reason, you don’t want to do an extreme prank to a random- especially if they plan to get the police involved (although that would make for one legendary story!)

I personally tried out this prank with my DMN swat team (Brando and J, who helped formulate the idea and plan) at a hotel this past weekend (which would be one of the best possible settings for the prank, along with a condo or dorm.)

What you’ll need is the following:

-One orange (A respectable alternative would be a banana)

-A blank piece of paper and pen/marker

-Speed and stealthness!

The first step will be to find a random place to leave the orange… maybe stake out the area to hear if some residents are partying or being rowdy.  Once you find the right door, place the orange outside of it, knock a few times, and run as fast as you can out of the area without being caught!

The next thing on the itinerary will be to see if the people in that room took the orange…

Wait for about 3 minutes before you look, then quickly take a peak around the area.  If they took the orange, take your piece of paper and write the following on it:


The next step will require you to show the most fortitude… you will now approach and meet your victim!

The plan is to hope that they have a sense of humour and laugh at this prank… and if they don’t, pull a Forrest Gump and run out of sight!

Bring the paper with you, and knock on the door while showing them the paper and trying to look as innocent as you can.


In our test run, the victim grabbed the sign and slammed the door on poor Brando, thus showing that they took things a little too seriously.  Results will always be different, and I encourage my fellow readers to accept this challenge!