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July 10, 2013

Sure, it's on TV all the time. But have you been paying attention? Test your knowledge here!

1. Why do they call Morgan Freeman's character "Red"?

a. He's Irish

b. Shawshank is actually a prequel/marketing tactic for the upcoming film, "Red 2"

c. They don't, they call him "Morgan" because that's his name 


2. How many times did Andy make love to the Homosexual Gang, "The Sisters"?

a. Not sure you could call that making love

b. Yeah, don't think that was consensual

c. Disagree, it was his fault for looking so good

d. 200 times, ballpark guess


3. What was Andy's catchphrase?

a. I didn't kill my wife

b. It wasn't me, it was the one armed man

b. Tommy Lee Jones

d. Get busy living, get busy Tommy Lee Jones

e. Welcome to Erf!

f. We are the men in black


4. Finish this sentence: Brooks was ____

a. Here

b. Hear

c. Her

d. Hot in Herr

e. All up in Herr

f. A spokesman for Herr's Ketchup


5. How did Andy kill his wife?

a. Um, he didn't

b. Right, that's the point of the movie

c. Well, not the point. There were a lot of messages one can take from the film.

d. With kindness


6. What celebrity was on the poster hanging in Andy's cell?

a. Rita Hayworth

b. Rhea Perlman

c. Morgan Freeman

d. John Malkovich

e. The entire cast of "Red 2"


7. What was the poster hiding?

a. An escape route

b. Brooks

c. Brooks's dead body

d. Are you crazy, it was the hole

e. No, pretty sure it was Brooks's limp, dead body 

f. Rhea Perlman


8. What was the name of the Mexican town Andy told Red to meet him in?

a. Mexican City

b. Margaritaville

c. Mexico

d. "Red 3: The Search for Morgan Freeman's Gold"


9. When does "Red 2" open?

a. I'm not even sure what that is

b. Was there even a "Red 1"?

c. Yes, it starred Steve Martin and Rick Moranis

d. That was "My Blue Heaven"

e. Friday

f. Ice Cube


How'd you do? Let us know in the comments!



b, c, f, d, d, b, f, d, d