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May 08, 2012

Basically what it says...

23 year old Tyler Gold has been all over the News due to having legally changed his name to "Tyrannosaurus Rex". He has justified this asscandle move by saying "As an entrepreneur, name recognition is important and the new name is more recognizable."  

Fair enough. However, one wonders how successful his future business ventures will be once he realises that he now has the name of a registered sex offender. Yep, as unlikely as it seems, the only other person in the world who has the name "Tyrannosaurus Rex" is this guy:

Good luck building brand recognition with THAT name, Bromandudeface, unless of course you're planning on selling the broken hopes and dreams of a child. You might as well have changed your name to Josef Fritzl or Hitler Kittenpuncher.


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