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Published July 13, 2010
ATTENTION CITIZENS OF FUNNY OR DIE!!   Hello Everyone – WOW, thanks AGAIN for all the comments, judging this one was JUST NUTS, but Spydergirl (SQUIRREL!) and I did our best and I apologize for the long delay – here are the results...   HONORABLE MENTIONS   Most Anthropomorphic drwho - He just can't get enough chipmunk porn.     Most Paranoid Jimjamjones23 - In the last few years of the show Rocky's cocaine addiction got out of control and he began to distrust Bullwinkle.   Most Machismo Gerhardguffaw - I hope that's not the size of my dick?!?   Most Disturbing Visual FissureFilms - Hey, Squirrel, watcha doin?  "Nuttin' mulch"Gross.   Most Lohan-like Excuse topper38 - Oh fuck! That wasn't a nut, that was a qualude   SPECIAL AWARDS   The Winchester Award phukuhp – (as in Shotgun) Some 54 comments (commenting while drinking and doing crank is NOT recommended) including multiple impressions of MANY other captionistas - MANY great thoughts; one of the best: “HUMAN!”   The Mensa Award drwho - !!!!!GOD (dyslexic squirrel)   The Paul Harvey Award I_LoveWhiteBoys - lol what's that little... looks like he's got himself a little hard on! Having flashbacks of my ex and him saying "I'm sorry"   The National Geographic Award lizardladyfla - I'm hiding from KOOLDAD, he used my Uncles picture as his avatar.   The Chameleon Award litho - Yeah, the tail is working, they don't know I'm a rat.   The French Connection Award Rotwang - I think drwho already won this. I'm neither entering, nor reading the other captions after seeing that.   The WINNERS…   Bronze Medal and 5 lbs of Pecans gottadime - Fuck Walt Disney, I'm OUT! Wait, look at that beaver...   Silver Medal and 15 lbs of Pecans Jimbobalouie - Burying your nuts just before the ground freezes requires good timing. I'm afraid Buster will be sitting on that spot until spring.   And Last But Not Least – the WINNER is…   GOLD MEDAL and 50 lbs of Pecans keibar - Size doesn't matter if you have slow paws and put on some Barry White. Here’s the soundtrack – the “slow paws” and the Romance are up to you… I’m just sayin’..   Congratulations to keibar and special thanks to Spydergirl for her hard work and support. Thanks to everyone and we’ll see you next time; maybe the new software lyziwyg mentioned will be working soon (holding your breath is NOT recommended) and things will be a much better! (Original Blog)This is a RE-activation of the Emergency Caption Contest Network! THIS IS NOT A TEST! REPEAT – THIS IS NOT A TEST! This RE-activation is another response to the ongoing WEIRDNESS that FOD has exhibited for more than THREE weeks now! (FOUR weeks for choosing Contest winners!!)   The Funny or Die Website has not only become a “Ghost Ship” of the Internet, abandoned and left to sail along, unguided and alone; NOW it seems to have smashed into the ROCKS, killing most of the crew and leaving the rest either in a COMA or suffering from AMNESIA! I guess all we can do is hang on and pray for a MIRACLE to restore some degree of normality back to FOD, and eventually – our TRAUMATIZED selves.   In the meantime, here’s another “interesting” picture, this time from the “World of Nature”; again there are no rules and I’ll be sharing the Judging with FOD’s leading authority (Spydergirl) on...   SQUIRREL!!!