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Published: July 02, 2009
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(sfx door bell) Oh Helen, you are already here. Vat did you do? Fly through ze air on your broomshtick? . . . Ich kid because Ich have read your autobiography.  . . Ich mean Ich have mein nasal hair waxed by ze same Phillipino girl who waxes ze nose of zomebody who has read it.  . . Und Ich luff it!

Zo. Vat can I do for you? You want your Oscar und you vant it now.  Ich understand. By ze vay, did you bring mein Oscar? . . . Bitte?  . . .Danka.

Und you imagine Ich haff in my possession your Oscar, for zum reason.

Ja, Dat’s right. You overheard me say it was playing soccer up mein poopenshute mit ze gerbil. Dat’s right.

Zo, Vat can I do for you?

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