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September 10, 2008



There's a story you don't heard much on The American TV Media news is that scientists are trying to recreate the Big Bang Theory. This makes me think that it's more dangerous than we are led to believe when CNN does news stories about goats fainting and don't talk much about the black hole that could created the Big Bang theory. Back in 1992 Ross Perot said about talking in reference to NAFTA as the big sucking sound. Who knew back then that is this little billionaire megalomaniac was going to become this modern-day Nostradamus. I am not a religious fanatic, a Pentecostal or born-again Christian Fundamentalist. But, Man did not originally cause the Big Bang Theory. Man done fucked up everything we touch like some demented spoil brat. WE SHOULDN’T PLAY GOD. HELL, most of us have enough trouble just human beings!


Science can’t make medicine or sugar substitutes that don’t have side effects. Computers have glitches and cell phones are incomplete technology as well. What the hell the scientific community they can control a stimulated Big Bang Theory without creating a black hole or other ill effect. Billions of dollars are wasted on these tunnels in Switzerland and American News Network like CNN they are talking about Sarah Palin’s action figures and Sarah Palin’s eyeglasses. Great, that exactly what I want to thinking about when I’m being sucked out of existence through a black hole. Wake up people things are literally gonna suck in the coming weeks!!