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Published May 02, 2013

hey, do you know i don't have much time 

but still i am keeping these words in rhymes

now my brain started lookig behind

these are the words just coming from my mind

this is the only way to keep my feelings out

cause after doing that i don't need to shout

hey there critics coming closely look out

if you ain't  they are just gonna kick you out

i need to take much efforts to keep myself on the track

pencil, books, empty papers everything's in the sack

i jus need to fiil'em out & put'em in the rack

i am gonna wrap don't even try me down hack

i like to live in this world

i don't want any compitition with anyone

i just want my happiness

cause i know aout who i am

if anyone ain't got no money

tell me do you think that is so funny

another day will come wow sunny

you can start again like a little bunny

what do you think that i am doing

everytime trying improving

ditch the world what they say about you

concentrate on your work alright through

you just don't need to be afraid 

cause you gonna get about what they said

don't even try to hide in the shade 

cause you are the only one who can decide  your fate