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Published April 03, 2013


A condition when one looses pigmentation in the skin, Vitiligo or leucodorma is a skin disease most common to a race naturally born with a darker skin complexion – like Asians and Afro Americans. Though there are numerous remedies suggested and treatments that can be done, not all treatments will work for everyone. There is no real cure invented until this date and the cure provided is only to slow the de-pigmentation and restore pigmentation on the affected areas.

Vitiligo is not a life threatening disease nor dangerous and communicable at all. Since it is a non-puritic condition that affects the immune system, a person suffering from this will not feel any pain or discomfort at all. However, the effect of this is psychological as people with this skin condition is often mocked, ostracized or ridiculed.

The only problem is that, to date, there is no known cure for this condition. Patients respond differently to treatments. It is vital that you, the patient, communicate well with your doctor in order to arrive at the best medical procedure to address the skin problem. Or you could also resort to natural ways of curing vitiligo.

Check your diet

Diet plays a crucial role in preventing the proliferation and aggravation of vitiligo. Eating a well balanced diet is highly recommendable. Consume more vegetables like spinach, broccoli, cabbage and carrots. Eat different kinds of fish, whole grains, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. Avoid or eat small portions only of pork, beef, and chicken. Animal products, junk and spices have to be avoided as well as food that causes you allergies and food with lots of preservatives and artificial flavorings.

Use sunless tanning cream

Applying sunless tanning cream on the white patches on your skin can help cover and color your skin. Try to experiment with different concealers as well to find the best color that matches your skin tone.

Say NO to stress

Stress has been discovered to be one of the biggest factor in developing vitiligo. When experiencing high levels of stress, the skin discoloration may suddenly appear. Thus avoid stressful situations.

Limit cosmetics

If you cannot completely eliminate it, limit the amount of perfume and cosmetics you put on your skin. This can inflame your skin that can aggravate more your vitiligo.

Wear the right clothes

Avoid wearing super tight fittings and clothing. This can leave marks on your skin which can also disrupt the skin blood circulation. Avoid scratching your skin when it itches too. Itching must be avoided at all times as well as any kind of injuries and scratches to the skin. Do not swim or play under the sun between 11:00 am to 4:00 pm

Avoid getting a tattoo

Leave your skin as healthy as possible. Avoid putting stress on it by getting a tattoo, letting it get in contact with plastic ornaments and putting stickers on the skin.


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