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February 03, 2011

Leading up to Super Bowl 45, the real skinny on what was important about each and every one of the previous Super Bowls.

- Before settling on "Super Bowl", final game between #Packers and #Chiefs was to be called "The Football Prom."

- Following SB 2, Vince Lombardi, coaching his final game for the #Packers, traded his signature hat for a tray of nachos.

- At SB 3, #Jets QB Joe Namath not only amazingly guaranteed victory over heavily favored #Colts, but also a 70+ market share.

- Most of blame for losing SB 4 was laid on "Purple People Eaters," who made poor decision before game to stop eating people.

- SB 5 largely considered one of the worst due to a game plagued by penalties, turnovers, and an abundance of kicking.

- After losing SB 6 to the #Cowboys, some #Dolphins players blamed early fumble, others malfunctioning scoreboard.

- After completing perfect season by winning SB 7, many #Dolphins chose to never play again, insisting "What's the point?"

- Though the #Dolphins won SB 8, the season was largely considered a failure due to the fact that they had lost two games.

- The #Steelers won SB 9 mostly due to the play of their "Steel Curtain" defense, who later formed metal band of same name.

- Following SB 10 halftime performance, HOF #Steelers LB Jack Lambert violently tackled unlucky "Up With People" performer.

- Upon being defeated by the #Raiders in SB 11, the #Vikings were forced to admit that maybe they weren't Super Bowl people.

- At SB 12, #Cowboys "Doomsday" defense beat out #Broncos "Orange Crush" defense, proving to be better nicknamed defense.

- After dropping potential TD pass in SB 13, #Cowboys TE Jackie Smith was referred to on-air by Verne Lundquist as "a piece of trash."

- "Mean" Joe Greene attempted to kill his famous #CocaCola ad that aired during SB 14, arguing that "it made him look like a pussy."

- After losing SB 15, #Eagles coach Dick Vermeil embraced QB Ron Jaworski and did not stop crying for six hours.

- At SB 16, #49ers defeated #Bengals, and John Madden debuted the telestrator, attempting to use it to order wings.

- SB 17 featured great performance by the #Redskins, and a referee who didn't know the difference between heads and tails.

- The #Redskins shocking blowout loss to the #Raiders at SB 18, known as "Black Sunday," was then followed by "Hangover Monday."

- Despite #49ers beating #Dolphins in SB 19, Dan Marino still believes that he will one day get another chance at SB ring.

- Before SB 20, #Bears QB Jim McMahon had to be talked out of wearing new headband on which he had hand-written word "SLUTS".

- #Giants coach Bill Parcells was showered with Gatorade after winning SB 21, and saved some of it in a nasty jar kept in his closet.

- Routing #Broncos late in 4th Q at SB 22, #Redskins fulfilled wish of halftime act Chubby Checker, playing him at tackle.

-Due to his role in game-winning #49ers drive to beat #Bengals in SB 23, comedian John Candy was presented with SB ring.

- #49ers 55 points in SB 24 victory over #Broncos is more impressive considering "mercy rule" ended game after 3 quarters.

- Scott Norwood, after missing FG to lose SB 25 for #Bills, blamed nerves on having to follow halftime act New Kids on the Block.

- Jim Kelly, reflecting on #Bills SB 26 loss to #Redskins, remarked that 2nd SB loss just as special as the 1st.

- After jumping out to 7-0 lead over #Cowboys in SB 27, the #Bills turned ball over 9 times, renewing commitment to losing.

- Leading at halftime of SB 28, the #Bills then remembered how to lose, bragging they could lose 8 straight SB's if they wanted.

- Steve Young got the "monkey off his back" at SB 29 in #49ers win, while Joe Montana resented being called a monkey.

- Making it 3 for the "Triplets," #Cowboys won SB 30, and Michael Irvin celebrated in true SB XXX style victory with some triplets.

- In SB 31 loss to #Packers, #Patriots coach Bill Parcells missed most of 1st Q, as he was busy negotiating with #Jets.

- After winning MVP at SB 32, #Broncos Terrell Davis made career-altering decision to only play with terrible migraines.

- Following victory at SB 33, #Broncos QB John Elway was put out to pasture, where he sired 2 Kentucky Derby winners.

- Kurt Warner's MVP performance for #Rams at SB 34 inspired many grocery store shelf stockers and bag boys to be signed by #NFL teams.

- SB 35 featured great defensive effort by #Ravens, including MVP Ray Lewis, who had 11 tackles, 4 blocked passes and 2 beheadings.

- The #Patriots advanced to and eventually won SB 36 thanks to new "tuck rule" that excused any fumbles by home team in New England.

- Jon Gruden coached #Buccaneers to win over his old team, the #Raiders, at SB 37, in front of 67,603 people, many of them real pirates.

- Adam Vinatieri kicked another game-winning FG at SB 38 for #Patriots, despite mini-golf windmill placed in front of goalposts.

- After winning SB 39, Tom Brady believed that with 3rd SB ring, he might now actually be attractive to ladies.

- #Steelers Jerome Bettis returned to his hometown to win SB 40, which, for him, nearly made up for being from Detroit.

- After victory at SB 41, #Colts QB Peyton Manning stopped meeting annually with Dan Marino to discuss being a loser.

- "The Perfect Season" ended for the #Patriots, falling to #Giants at SB 42, after which '72 Dolphins got stupid drunk.

- It was revealed after SB 43 that other NFC playoff teams simply thought it would be jokes for #Cardinals to make SB.

- Tracy Porter's 4th Q INT not only sealed SB 44 win for #Saints, but also horribly anti-climactic ending to game.