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November 19, 2009


This is CRAZY!!  First Hitler made it out of Germany, and somehow landed himself at FOD where he posted about 25 pages of his inappropriate thoughts, captions, and comments about the genocide of over a million people.  (I am usually a huge fan of inappropriate but directly quoting the words and speeches of the most notorious mass murdering/ dictating/ repressor of the human race in recent history is more than out of line! As a matter of fact I think it institutes need of medical and psychiatric attention!!!!) Then Hitler aka Reltih aka JIMMA1 got his brightest idea of all....the BIG BOX...So now there are big boxes everywhere! People are unfriending...refriending...defriending...putting balls in eachothers mouths...there is a fucking bike on the back of a mid to late 90's sedan...WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON AROUND HERE!!!??????  We may be in the middle of a FOD halocaust lead by you know who and we need to stop it NOW! I am already aware that this Post will probably lead to a serious attack on myself but I dont care....because what else is new!  Maybe we should all funny him so he can be on the first page and get it out of his system, or maybe the FOD Staff should block his stupid racist ass, or well I dont know anymore or's!  Ideas people??  Anyone??  His page sais his hometown is Calculator so maybe he is an out of work accountant and is really lashing out because he desperately needs a job!!  He posts like 76 times a day so he really needs something to do!  Are there any ladies or men (what ever he likes) who can go meet up with him and maybe give him a little somethin somethin if you know what I mean cause he has a lot of aggression that he needs to get out.  I would volunteer but Im not into tiny mustaches.  But hmmmm I do typically like guys who are unemployeed..  Lets get the funny back into this whole deal..I wanna sing Kumbaya right fucking now!!  I will even play nice with Jaymitchell and Tnert if it means we can get back to pointlessly wasting our time captioning in peace without BIG BOXES!!! JIMMA1 do you need a hug??