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July 06, 2010


Hope everyone had a great "Fourth of July" and "Cinco the Julyo"  I had three days respite from work but not from  REFEREE-ing my boys.  They have their own version of MMA!

There will be no "Web Advice Wednesday" this week since I am very uncomfortable due to prickly . . . tingly . . . sensation all over . . . from my sunburn!  I just cannot concentrate on my writing ~ I want to scratch my back with one of Phukuhp's gizmos!

Anyway, today was a "slow motion" day for me . . .  I'm not sure why or how that is but things just went really slow.  Somehow the following events stuck in my mind:

My drive going to work was almost "eventful".  I was listening intently to my favorite radio talk show.  (They were talking about naming your kid after your ex-boy/girlfriend ~ that is just totally wrong in my opinion) That's when I decided to change lane but did not notice the car beside mine! BEEEEEEEP!!!  I swerved back to my lane but I can feel the pissed glare from the driver.  I used my lead foot and sped all the way to work.  Thankfully I have a new set of tires ~ thanks Kooldad for harping on me about them.

At work, I was in the middle of creating calculation rules when my cell phone vibrated . . . text message.  YAY!  I looked at the number and it's an 805 area code but unknown to my phone.  The message reads: "call me today very imp."  Since I was needing a break from my calculations, I responded back "who is this?"   After 3 minutes, I got a response, "not doing good. my bm is soft. call me"  WTF?!!! Only from California . . . "send me your address and I'll send you a bale of hay!"  I did not get a reply after that.

On the way home, the traffic was horrendous and made me late for my exercise/training.  IT WAS A SLOW DRIVE HOME!!!

I received another text/picture message from a girl friend during my drive home.  When I opened the message at the gym ~ it made me smile . . . widely and wildly! 

So, as I sit here thinking of reposting the first edition of WAW! . . . I thought I can just share the last message I got to my girlfriends here in FOD instead ~ why not!

Well, here's something for you GIRLFRIENDS!  Hope you like it . . .

Hope these leaves you a mental picture that will last through hump day!