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January 24, 2010


Crete, not only in Greece but worldwide known as one of the most popular place for Greece vacations. As per tourism stats almost 15% of all tourism arrivals in Greece came through the city of Heraklion, either by cruise or flight. More stats reveal that more than 2mn people opted for Crete as their favorite place for holidays in Greece. People coming on Greece holiday can enjoy the best holiday infrastructure which is suitable to tourists of all kind. One can enjoy a very wide range of accommodation facilities while enjoying their Greece luxury holidays. Visitors coming to Crete for their Greece holiday can reach the island via two international airports in Heraklion and Chania, or by boat to the main ports of Heraklion, Rethimno and Agios Nikolaos. There are all sort of Greece packages available for Crete offered by tourism companies worldwide.
Crete is known worldwide for its natural beauty and varied landscape. A deep narrow water passage slices the fascinating mountain ranges that mix in the sea. This is something very attractive on your Greece holiday. More to enjoy on your Greece luxury vacations is the palm-tree forest beach and the south coast which has some of the most stunning beaches to make your holidays in Greece more enjoyable.

Let’s know more about Crete to plan Greece vacations in a better way - Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea at 8,336 km² (3,219 square miles). The long coastline has a range of sandy beaches along side the pleasing blue Mediterranean Sea. It is among the finest coastline in the world and is one of Europe's most popular Greece holiday destinations. When you enjoy the coastline in Crete in your Greece vacations, you also know come to the island's historic importance in world as the home of the Minoan civilization. You can visit some of the important archeological sites at Knossos, Phaistos and Gortys, to make your Greece luxury holidays more enchanting.

Once we know a bit about Crete’ we can now explore to make our Greece luxury holidays memorable -

Local people: People in Crete are very hospitable and maintain their culture and customs, their musical tradition in particular. Their hospitality won’t make you feel away from home on your Greece vacations. You can always meet the locals while on your Greece luxury vacations. On your Greece holiday you will come across traditional villages striving more on agriculture and are unaffected by tourism. You can see the young generation driving cars but you can see shepherds tending their flocks in their traditional dress.

Climate of Crete’: This is most important thing when you are planning for Greece holiday. The climatic conditions in Crete are primarily moderate. The environment can be humid, depending on the closeness of the sea, while winter days are fairly mild. If you are planning to enjoy your Greece luxury vacations in winters, snowfall is common on the mountains between November and May. And you can enjoy your summer Greece vacations in the southern part which includes Mesara Plain and Asterousia Mountains, have more often North African climatic conditions and you can enjoy significantly more sunny days and expect high temperature all round the year.

There are many places in Crete’ you can explore while enjoying holidays in Greece. To make the most of your Greece holidays you can visit several small islands which are very close to Crete and you can choose your Greece packages accordingly. There local tour companies who offer various Greece packages for visiting small islands surrounding the Crete island. Besides you can opt for Greece packages offered by many airlines as well. Some of the islands surrounding Crete' are :

Gavdos island, which is the southeast border of Europe and is densely populated. Islands of Hrissi or Gaidouronissi, Koufonissi, Dia, Paximadia, Gramvoussa are much smaller and less populated. Most of these small islands are popular destinations for Greece vacations which take one-day on cruise from Crete.

Holidays in Greece would be short of enjoyment if you don’t visit the lake of Kournas, a small but beautiful lake with many taverns around it. You can also enjoy your Greece luxury vacations by hovering around the rivers in Crete which are small and they dry up in the summer months. Rivers which flow year-round are the river at Preveli in southern Rethymnon district and the river at Vrisses in Chania district.

You might have done some research before planning your holidays in Greece and that too at the island of Crete’. You can’t miss the Cretan mountains which form a chain from one end of the island to the other and they make Crete look much larger than it really is. If you haven’t visited Crete yet while on your holidays in Greece, then pan your Greece vacations this summer and discovers this fascinating Greek island. You won't be surprised if you feel like not getting back to home from your Greece vacations. However, you can plan your Greece holiday again next year and people of Crete will welcome you once more with their hospitality, smile, and place of Crete offering you sun, the fragrance of jasmine, a slice of cool red watermelon and a iced raki glass. Explore the island more by visiting http://www.hellasclub.de/.