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July 04, 2010


Q: Who composed the music for Judas & Jesus? What were you aiming for with the music? What kind of mood did you want to create?

Tilman Ritter was the main composer and also conducted the Film Orchestra Babelsberg. For each character he wrote a special theme. Tilman made all the music, except the rock’n’roll parts. Somehow I think, rock’n’roll is something that only true cocksure rockers can do right. So for Satan, we chose a song from the band Crazy Cavan and The Rhythm Rockers. Judas’ mood fits perfectly to The Meteors which is the first psychobilly band ever (since about 1980). Lead singer P. Paul Fenech wrote two songs exclusively for “Judas & Jesus” plus their classic “I don’t worry about it”.

Q: How do you feel the music adds and enhances the video?

We used the so called Mickey-Mousing-technique for the film. Something that was discovered by Disney, but unfortunately went out of fashion: the exact synchronization of movements and music. The music also enhances the dramatic effects and abrupt changes in mood, as well as the emotions of the characters, especially since the film has hardly any dialogue. Sometimes the music comments on what we see in the picture, like the Wedding March when Jesus takes the hand of the brutal Roman.

Q: What’s the best part about the music?

There are lots of great moments in the score. I like the musical jokes, like the big drum entrance when we discover that the crucifiction actually took place in a big stadium.

Q: What was the hardest part in composing the music?

Connecting all the different songs, musical bits and pieces together into a complete score that doesn't sound like patchwork. And also, the long work process - animated films take a lot of time and Tilman had to keep coming back to work on the project whenever the animation had changed without losing the musical thread.