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July 31, 2010

hey, some of us are woman abusers and we DON'T EVEN KNOW IT! beware!

ok, so i was at a bar with my mom.  We both had had a bit to drink.  It was a karaoke bar by the way so all sorts of singing craziness.  Anyway, this guy with a shaved head catches me talking to my mom loudly.  First of all, i HAD to talk loudly over all the noise, and second of all, i was drunk as fuck.  This prick asks my mom if shes ok and then turns to me and tells me he is gonna kick my ass if he catches me talking to my mom like that.  This is totally retarded.  I have nothing but respect for my mom, probably more then anyone i know.  Some people just like looking for fights.  Me?  I'm not a fighter at all, and I'm not sure I'm a lover...but I am DEFINITELY not a fighter.  And getting in a fight over something this stupid just aint worth it

I get tired of stereotypical guys that feel that they need to Stand up for women.;  I feel that women can stand up for themselves, thank you very much.  Frankly, if a woman told me that i was scaring her or she she felt threatened, I would apologize and just stop, not because I'm afraid of getting my ass kicked but just because my concsience doesn't allow that kind of shit.  Frankly, I think women deserve the best kind of treatment a guy can muster and they should not settle for anything less.  Fighting is so overrated.  I could have had that bitch jumped.  I talked to several people and they told me they would gladly jump him after karaoke, and I told them they didn't have to.  They told me just to stay away from him, that fighting was not worth it.  The last thing i want to do is turn into a stereotypical 'I'm gonna kick your ass' kind of guy.  How disgusting.

Anyway, thats my ten cents.  love you all