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June 27, 2017


Elmer Fudd:  What a wacky, wacky, world we wiv in.

Too tired to press the shift key.  42531

MODERN MOTHER GOOSE: This little piggy went to the mall. This little piggy shopped on ebay. This little piggy made a valid eating choice that suited their metabolism. This little piggy was a vegan. This little piggy had social adjustment issues and possibly tourette syndrome, so it went to the pharmacist (a dwarf named Doc) for some medicinal calibration. The End.

My dog has no hind legs, and brass balls. I call him Sparky.

If twins get mononucleosis what is it called?

Gulf oil leak smokes a cigarette, film at eleven.

ETCH-A-SKETCH: no ping or jitter, just shake to re-boot!

Back in "the day" 7-11 was called 6-10.

Elastomeric with viscolasticity

I don't get NPR radio.  What's the point of Nudist Public Radio?

YOGURT in a blender is GROYTU.

Todays cooking tip---stick a knife into a cake to see if it's done; if the knife comes out clean, put all the dirty knives in.

The rain is long dew.