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March 10, 2014

Culinary just got a whole lot better.


OKLAHOMA--- Sickened by the ordinary foods that came out of his Culinary Art Academy, Jack Henry is stepping up his curriculum for students. Those enrolled into the Oklahoma Yummy Good Culinary Academy will now be required to drop acid and put peyote zest into there work. Henry, "I want my pupils and consumers to experience the true nature of the culinary adventure. Too many of the patrons that come say the food is bland, it is time to give them a culinary adventure where the food has a chance to reach out and touch them." Since Henry has implemented this in his curriculum improvement in preparing the delicious plates and heightened food experiences have gone up. Henry, "I find it wonderful that our customers are walking away from the establishment saying, 'the food really reached out and touched me,' it is the feeling that me proud of my work." The Yummy Good Culinary Academy is top of the country in culinary experience at a affordable price of 300,000 dollars a semester.