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October 22, 2008


YO YO YO! Hows everyone doing?  Just gonna throw down a few new movies for ya.  I only watched 3 new ones this week.  One that I did not understand, one that was Very heavy and disturbing and one that almost made my bum wet.

The One I did not understand

1) War Inc.

I really dont even know what to say about this movie.  John Cusack and his Sister (Only can land roles with her brother) star in this movie about people making their own armies...I think.  It was long, confusing and oh, it was long and confusing.  I recommend playing your PSP (portable playstation) while watching this movie. If you do decide to play your PSP, I recommend Lego Batman.  There was a couple of sceens that were fun and violent but other then that, it was a real twisted up and confusing movie.

This movie sucked...

Rating 4/10

The one that  was Very Heavy

2) Body of Lies

I saw this one on the Big Screen this weekend past.  It was a very heavy and disturbing at times especially disturbing to see how disgustingly fat and gross Russ Crowe looked. GAWD! From Gladiator to everybody's sloppy uncle. This movie was bloody and violent.  It really makes you appreciate what we have living on this side of the pond. Seriously. Leonardo DiCaprio was cool as usual although there was no cheezy sceens of him on the front of a boat hugging a chick. If your looking for a good drama with lots of Blood and torture, this is the one to see. It really was a good flick.

Rating 8/10

The One that almost made my bum wet

3) The Strangers

God, I watched this one last night and almost leaked poo juice all over the sofa! Im a total baby when it comes to scary movies.  Im the guy that has to hide behind a pillow and turn down the volume during scary parts.  I have also been known to go to the kitchen during scary parts to make a snack.  It is based on true events.  A young couple is trapped in a house (Liv Tyler) with a bunch of weirdies outside with creepy masks on trying to kill them.  Seriously, very simple movie but i thought it was scary as hell. ( I also found E.T. scary and the shark sceen of Finding Nemo) so you might be alright.   Turn up the surround sound and kill the lights for this one. 

Rating 7.5/10

Thats all I got, More to follow!

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