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November 26, 2011

The Reimage PC repair program is a complete computer repair tool that uses revolutionary technology to help fix computer errors and problems by detecting and replacing damaged files in your Windows operating system. It literally repairs the operating system on the fly without the user having to do a complete reinstallation of Windows. Reimage is unique in that it finds damaged parts of the operating system and replaces them with new ones that are downloaded from Reimage's secure server. The software is constantly updated and upgraded by the company so it's always current.

Personal Experience

I actually had a computer that was infected with the W32/SillyFDC-BK worm. It seemed to self-propagate, and Norton 360 could not remove it. It would detect it, but couldn't seem to get rid of it. The worm caused my computer to come to a screeching halt. I could not run programs, and the computer would fatally crash within 5-10 minutes of a clean bootup. Needless to say I was getting ready to do a fresh reinstallation of Windows, but with deadlines looming and several video projects underway I didn't have the time to spend doing that.

I tried Reimage as a last resort, and I should have just used it in the first place. I removed the virus as well as I could, but the virus had added and altered certain registry keys and who knows what else. I didn't have the expertise nor the time to go in and manually fix everything.

It took Reimage several hours, but it patched up my computer and it's now running quite well. The only minor rub was that it caused Windows to constantly try to install Windows Updates, but the computer is now fully functional and I didn't have to reinstall Windows. I will probably eventually reinstall and start new once I am done with my video projects, but for now Reimage certainly saved my butt.

I would recommend Reimage WITHOUT HESITATION to anyone whose computer has become messed up by a virus, malware, or other similar problem.

Interface Reimage Review

The Reimage interface is easy to use. There's not really much to do except run the program. There aren't a lot of buttons to push or settings to change. You simply download the program and allow it to run its diagnostic scan.

The scan result reports are easy to read and understand. The scan first shows you an overview of your PC and compares it with the global average in terms of things like CPU, operating temperature, RAM, hard disk space, and more. How you compare to the global average will vary, but don't worry if you're not at or above the average. For things like hard disk space if you have an older computer you will likely be dwarfed by today's mammoth hard drives.

After showing how your computer's hardware profile stacks up, it will give you a rundown of what stability issues the program found as well as security threats.

Results Reimage PC Repair Review

On our test computer (an old IBM Thinkpad Laptop running Windows XP Professional) Reimage found that our PC had 3 stability issues and 1 virus. Running the program takes about an hour as Reimage analyzes system files and downloads replacements from their secure server. You will definitely need a steady broadband internet connection in order to use Reimage.

When the program is done it displays a report on what it fixed. In our case, Reimage found 688 system files that had to be replaced on our computer. Two thirds were missing files, and one third were damaged or incomplete. This included some registry entries.

What it will and will not fix Reimage Review

It's important to know what Reimage will and will not fix. Reimage is great at fixing bad operating system components, crashes and freezes, blue screens that are software related, error messages, registry inconsitencies and problems, bad DLL files, malicious spyware and malware and the damage it causes.

The program will not fix problems with specific third party software, such as iTunes or Adobe. It also will not fix hardware problems. However, as the website states, in certain instances problems with the programs that are caused by bad Operating System files will be resolved.


Conclusions Reimage Review

Reimage is a great solution for people who are having mysterious computer problems such as crashes, freezes, and error messages. It's above and beyond most computer maintenance tools as it will REPLACE damaged files. No other software has this capability.

Users might find that certain settings on their computer have been reverted. For example, our default browser was no longer set as Firefox, and the language toolbar reappeared in the taskbar. These are minor details, but users should be aware that if anything major is changed that they can revert back and undo any changes that Reimage has made for up to seven days.