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August 14, 2008


01:36 pm - Antichrist coming from Kentwood,La. I don't think so.
Here's a link about an alleged story involving the alleged britney spears being the alleged antichrist.


I don't believe a North shore from Kentwood,Loiusiana is the Antichrist.I'm gathering info Miley Cyrus the New Tween All American Antichrist plus the Illuminati of the Disney corporation working in league with Satan's Devil child Running Wild.Let us forget Britney Spear was old All American Antichrist more like St.john the baptist leading the way for the Antichrist was in the mickey mouse club.Uncle Walt Disney was a Nazi sympathizer drawing the Seven dwarves as Jewish stereotypes.North shore girls ain't Antichrists they're just crazy.My old ex-girlfriend is busting my balls about this antichrist conspiracy theory goofs.She takes this all serious.I like if it's gonna happen anyway you might well laugh.Let's kick this shit already. I hope I'm one of the ones die before really gets started and I'm just waiting for the Big Rock,(asteroid) who'll pass close by earth's orbit on about 2027.It might hit us on 2036.Oh,don't forget maybe we won't get to till then cause the Mayan runs out on 2012.Also,Nostradamus predicts the Third Antichrist was gonna start things a- kickin' between 2008-2012.Or,will this all another Y2K flop like 1999/2000?Stay tuned sports fans.