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December 08, 2008


With the hodgepodge of random Lemming dookie that has been occurring around me, doing it's best to try and overshadow the one extremely good part of my life as of late... I've been in less than a stellar mood most of the time... as my usual bloggage has annoyingly repeated to you all...

So, in an effort to curb my fluster-pated mood.... whilst not constantly complaining to those of you kind enough to follow my blog.... I've decided to shoot another video... soon...

Not like my last abomination... I'm talking script.... lighting.... story..... the works....

But, I'm not sure which idea to run with... So I need a vote!

By these simple lines of text... decide which video should be the next attempt at greatness from Kenny G:

A. "The Applesauce Moment: A Documentary"

B. "Kenny G.'s Impressions: A Young Football Hopeful, Drafted by the Detroit Lions."

C. Another Karaoke Piece (Song and Storyline TBD)

If you have a moment, please cast a vote... you can decide which of these is the next sketch unleashed into the Magical Land of FOD :-)

- Kenny G.