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September 08, 2009


Confess, Oh Crib, why must you hit my head?
I have no hopes but those of sun lit leaks:
My shade it hades the night's full moon a while
but when light shines I pray it fling away.

Mother, Father, please, I can not sleep!
My mind, my limbs, they move, they shake, they drive.
I know that soon to bed and soon to rise
will make me wise, I know that, still I lie.

My parents, why should I retire now?
My friends are lost, their limits reach the sky!
I wonder why you tire so soon, but then
I know your joy before your sullen sleep.

I'm up, alone, again, why should this be?
Intelligence has spoken word to me:
The woman's old, her husband's lost his drive,
the two in love are sleeping side by side.

At 8 a.m. I contemplate my loss.
The Two who filled my plate have yet to wake.
In death they sleep, their graves are cold gray stones,
They wait for me to join their shrunken cores.

Copywritten *All rights reserved