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September 15, 2008


Cam here to let you know a little bit about our new webseries Titled The R Files or The R(umiez) Files. Created By Zack Bowersox, Cameron Hurry, and John Fikes, it's about two PI's who take on cases called the Random Files. The files revolve around all the cases nobody would touch who had half a brain. Lucky for us there is Duder (Cameron) and Skank (Zack) who are there to say F U CRIME and bite it in the balls. With the help of there secretary Milla Rose (Milissa Rodman) and a few others inculding Jereamih (Jeremiah Roebig), these guy's will stop at nothing to get the job done! Let it be ghost's, zombie's or just plain old fasion crime, there is no case to dangerous, to gruesome, to scary enough to shake these numbskulls.          FU CRIME! Get ready for THE R(umiez) Files.


It will be up here on the Rumiez funny or die page soon, first episode is in the works right this second, but for now click on the link below for more.