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Published January 05, 2009 More Info ยป
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Published January 05, 2009

(Warning: Immense bitching/complaining/venting session about to commence.... read at your own risk)

I swear to Osiris, I have never had this many frustrated customers call me in one day.... I literally feels like I'm undergoing a combination thorough prostate exam/botched catheter insertion/anesthesia free root canal/cosmetic lobotomy!!!

What?? Did Y2K just decide to wait 9 years and 4 days to finally happen, and only to our customers???

Who has to voodoo doll, and why are you jamming so many needles into it's ass right now??? :-)

Ok... Venting complete... I feel slightly better.... dammit... now the phone's ringing again... That didn't last long....

Where the hell are we going, and why am I in this hand-basket???

- Kenny G.