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February 24, 2017

This is really not what we wanted to hear today.

God damn it.

Koko the gorilla, one of the previously most beloved animals on earth, has just announced through a translator she has pledged support to the Islamic State terrorist group.

This is really not what we wanted to hear today.

The 45-year-old western lowland gorilla famously understands upwards of a thousand hand signals, and this morning after waking up, summoned a caretaker at her Woodside, California home to use some of those signals to sign her newfound beliefs.

“Koko mad,” she reportedly signed.

“Imperialist U.S. government real terrorists,” the great ape tragically continued.

“Koko support freedom fighters of Islamic State caliph. May infidels be smite by sword of Allah, praise be upon him,” she concluded, before retreating to play with one of her pet kittens.


This is bound to change public perception of Koko, who has never expressed such abhorrent views before. So far it’s unclear how she could have developed them with little access to the outside world or internet, but however it happened, it’s very sad.

Hopefully her caretakers at the Gorilla Foundation can find a way to de-radicalize her before things get any worse.

We all believe you can change for the better, Koko! Still, this is a tough pill to swallow.