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April 19, 2011

I'm fortunate in that I don't have to drive everyday so I can go a week or two without filling up my gas tank. Of course that only makes the shock worse when the price has been raised twenty five cents or more every time I go to the pump. My usual response to the poor cashier is something about needing to start another war or perhaps finding someway to turn all the hot air expelled from Politicians on both sides into an energy source which of course depending on the age and political bent of the cashier usually results in a puzzled or angry look. Apparently when you make a little more than minimum wage and are assaulted by smart asses all day long about something you have no control over it tends to make you a little grumpy. Maybe there's a way to convert all the effort Comedians and Cartoonists exert trying to be funny into an alternative source of energy. Louis Black (the funniest man alive, sorry John Stewart) alone could probably provide enough to run a small country. Until big business gets it's head out and finally realizes that saving the world with alternative energy can be as profitable as destroying it through weapons manufacturing and drilling for oil all the bitching in the universe is futile. On that happy note I take my leave.