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October 20, 2009


I'm not going to name names in this blog because I think that the mention of names just feeds the beast on some occassions. As a parent let me tell you something: there is nothing more horrible than the mere SUGGESTION that your child is in danger. And, suffice it to say, that the idea of anyone's child being in mortal peril causes a panic that sets decent people off before thinking (which endangers them) because they will do anything to help. Seeing the decency of people being exploited, as well as the provision of the safety of your own children unexplained as you seek fame makes you a douche and an all out disgraceful person. You don't PRETEND your children are in trouble lest you invite unimaginable things. You protect their safety, even the IMAGE of their safety because it is unacceptable to do otherwise. Also, on a more shallow level, you probably shouldn't actively seek fame when you have a)criminal record b) when it exposes you as a liar and c)when you are so fucking shameless that you make Spencer Pratt seem "decent". Also, when you are an ugly hillbilly who can't find your ass with both hands least of all your child "hiding" in the rafters of your garage FOR TWO HOURS you fucking loser. And hitting your wife isn't cool either.   If you want to be famous then you work hard and you do something amazing, exploiting your children and yourself for the sake of grabbing a headline makes you infamous.  It makes you a joke.