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January 25, 2009


I've been working retail for a major bookseller since 1988. And ya know...I kinda like it. I've been managing the store for a good twelve years now and meeting many of the challenges can be rewarding. That being said, there are times that it would be very easy for me to climb a very tall building and toss Harry Potter's at passing airplanes ala KingĀ Kong. Luckily, there are no skyscrapers in Southeast Iowa and I have the internet. I mean, the tallest structure in town is part of the Great River Bridge where one can stand on top of and yell at Illinois, "Our governor is better than your governor!" Where as one usually hears the reply, "We know!"

But with the internet, I can nurture a sense of humor.

As a child, I was a quiet kid. I was always put in my place and expected to just shut up and take it from other kiddies. And most of the time I shyed away from speaking...but I watched. And I listened. And I searched. And I ended up stuck in a nowhere job, alone, and pissing my life away on the internet! What the hell was I thinking!!!? Oh yea.....in it for the funny.

A few years ago I found a website called Stripcreator.com. And I loved it! It's a comic strip generator for people who want to make webcomics but do not have the computer resources, and they don't need to know how to draw either. The site allows the user to choose from predrawn characters and back grounds. All you have to do is create the dialogue. I tell you, if you enjoy the caption contests here on F o D (shout out to Westsideslant, Phukuhp, and Jason2k1) then you would love Stripcreator.
The site is free, but you can get an upgrade by just making a donation of any amount. The upgrade lets you go back and editĀ  which I find very nice because of my selective spelling skills.

Anyway...... with sites like Funny or Die and Stripcreator, I have found a way to release a lot of pent up stress built up over a day of biting my tongue and not slapping the "sheet" outta that customer who's "looking for a book...it's blue...I don't know the author or title...but hey.....what are you doing with that stapler?"

Things overheard in a book store:
From the "Who the hell do you think we are, Google?" Department

Customer amazed about all the books we carry in the store related to Barack Obama.
Customer looks at clerk in utter-disappointment.

Customer: All of these books have nothing but old pictures in them!

Clerk: ?

Customer: Do you have any with pictures of the inauguration in them? How do you expect to sell any of these?

Clerk: Mam, today is the day AFTER the inauguration. I'm sure there will be some fresh magazines soon and eventually a few more commemoritive books coming out...but we don't have any yet.

Customer: Why not? You're a book store!

Clerk: Yes, but.....sigh....