I don’t really like you, Taylor Swift. You’ve always given me bad vibes. Like, seriously, how many times can you play victim? You’re never, ever getting back together? Is that your decision necessarily? You’re like a little chihuahua, a chihuahua walks around all yapping a big game like a little princess, thinking it owns the place. Then as soon as a cricket hops along near it, it cuddles itself in it’s fluffy princess corner and cries about how the world is scary. That’s why nobody wants you as a pet, you’re annoying and mean and you don’t get along with others.


You write a song called Mean, then you talk smack to One Direction? That’s like Good Charlotte level hypocritical. They sing a song about “Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous” telling those whiny bitches to stop complaining, then proceed with “I Just Want To Live” dropping a list of reasons why it’s hard to be rich and famous. It’s like your song “Mean” where you’re all fussing on haters, letting everyone know that yes, you’re going to be somebody and yes, your emotions are delicate. Then you’re all sharting on One Direction during their award? And here I didn’t even spot that you had on a pair of your bitter pants that night.

The lyrics also say that mean gentleman will probably be in a bar, ranting about shit nobody cares about, because they complain over and over again about the same old stuff. Man, don’t we hate those people, always sitting around acting like the victim playing the same old broken heart songs.

You know that moment, that moment when you realize you’re a hypocrite..

The Real Story