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February 25, 2014

Critical Review of Dirty Dancing.

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Dirty Dancing

By: Liz Taylor


Dirty Dancing is the Story of a thirty-year-old man (Jonny Castle) who can’t dance the way he wants to because he’s afraid he’ll get fired from his resort job in the Catskill Mountains. Whilst on the job, he becomes romantically entangled with a teenage girl (Baby Houseman) who’s on vacation with her family.  The pair become star-crossed when Baby carries a watermelon to a staff only party. Even though she can’t dance, and they don’t get along at first, he reluctantly accepts her as a fill –in professional dance partner while his regular partner recovers from her abortion.

            Everything is at stake; their jobs, their pride, their reason for dancing. He could’ve asked another one of the resort dancers, but they were already dancing round the clock with other guests. Much to the chagrin of her father, Dr. Houseman, who performed Penny’s emergency backup abortion, Baby has become sexually involved with Jonny – the man assumed to have gotten Penny “in trouble,” but didn’t. In the end, Johnny doesn’t do the Pechanga, but he and Baby finally do the lift.