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July 14, 2010


I’m not a particularly angry person, but I hate everybody. You ever be sitting on an aisle seat on the bus and you get this guy who stands right next to you with his crotch in your face? And he has the stupidest look, right? Like he knows exactly what he’s doing. ‘Yep. Just standing up in the bus with my crotch on some dude’s face. Yep. Wearing the jeans I got thirty years ago the day before Whitesnake came to town, where I wore said jeans and have never washed since for nostalgic reasons. And sure they don’t fit like they used to and you can clearly see the outlining of my penis, but that’s perfectly fine with me. Yep. This is happening. And I’m loving every minute of it.’ I swear to GOD! I just feel like head butting this asshole right in the peaches, you know?

And parents need to control their fucking kids on the bus too. Like I’m sitting here minding my own business, when little junior dumbass here is standing up in his seat and just fucking staring at me. What the Hell am I supposed to do now? And it’s like, okay, I get it, you’re kid’s very cute, but do you think you can turn him the fuck around so I don’t have to flip off a child today, ma’am? And when you take five hours to bring a stroller on the bus, it would be nice if your kid was actually in the fucking thing!

Then you get this bus driver who stops the fucking bus to go to A&W to get a fucking coffee! ‘Oh sure, by all means stop the bus and wait in line for ten minutes for a coffee. It’s not like me or any of the other twenty people on the bus have anywhere we need to be. No, personally, I’m just riding the good ol’ 21 for recreational purposes.

Then there’s always some idiot who doesn’t know how to work the back door, right? So now time must stop and the world must stop spinning cause Moron McDumbass hasn’t ridden a bus in the last ten years. And what do they always say? They shout to the driver, ‘Back door, please!’ What they should say is: ‘Driver! I’m a fucking idiot and don’t know how to press my thumb on a yellow strip!’

Then you get these people on the bus who showcase all the shit they buy at the mall like it’s the fucking shopping network. So they start taking out and unfolding their new clothes or looking at boxes and shit. Why? Cause these people want you to know who they are as if you actually give a flying piece of rat shit.

People don't seem to understand the concept of 'public' transportation. There are certain acceptable ways of behaving when out in public. And for some reason, when it counts the most, there will always be at least a couple idiots who fail to meet the bar of intelligence.

Pissed off as usual,

Chris A McLellan.