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October 26, 2010

It's about craziness of two men.

There were to crazy men that was in a cage...

Crazy man 1: Hey!!! Lets' get out of this cage later when it's midnight and when no one sees us unlock the lock.

Crazy man 2: ok!!! I'm really excited to come out!!!

Then they waited until it's midnight...

Crazy man 1; let's sleep first!!!

Crazy man 2: ok...


Crazy man 1: OH!!!! it's midnight...

Crazy man 2: and all the people are now sleep... let's go!!

Crazy man 1: But.... there is a little problem in here.... 

Crazy man 2: What???

Crazy man 1: How can we unlock the lock and get out of here if it's already unlock??!!

Crazy man 2: OH!!! It's easy!!! we just need to lock again the lock then unlock it again!!!

Crazy man 1; Yeah!!! that's right!!! you are the man!!!