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September 27, 2008


Honor…is it worth the weird and nebulousness of itself?  (a certain wonderful mind inspired me to blog of thus...so if you feel unfulfilled or otherwise icky at the end of this...just quit your whining!  You don't want her wrath, trust me...)


So, in answer, I feel - YES…and it IS worth killing and/or dying for - to me, this is such an easy question to answer, but perhaps a hard one to admit.  Those who do not agree can of course, die (instead of 'funny' - being that we live on this website of 'funny' or 'die' -age)…yeah, I'm not always up to par with the hilarity of things - reality invades at times - deal with it!


SO - in REALITY:  Agree with me or not, but I do feel that honor is worth its weight in whatever you personally hold dear.  I personally would gladly kill for that I love … and/or die for this 'other' … even a thousand times and more over … if it makes them feel WANTED, LOVED, and in THE GOD DAMNED REALITY of our time and space/place in this world ... feel NEEDED.


Yep…so, go on and be HONOR'ed, those of you who rule the school of life that exists here.  I read, edit, and wonder at your beauty and brilliance … passing it on, whether you know it or not … because, after all, I am no one … honorably so J


-Mpg … watching you, always