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June 15, 2010


First off, you need to know what you are writing about. Read a lot about the subject, or related literature from different aspects or points of view. An essay needs to have a thesis statement which is what needs to be proven in your essay. Your entire essay will revolve around proving your thesis statement. A good thesis statement must have an arguable point and must be specific and focused.

After developing your thesis, you must then prove this thesis as you go about the body of your essay. You must provide concrete evidence that will prove your thesis and disprove claims that your thesis is wrong. The evidence must be substantial and must be from reliable sources. On the other hand, the sources you use must also be reliable and it is important to cite the source whenever you use information from it.

After you have thoroughly proven your point in your essay, you must then state the result in your conclusion. In writing the conclusion, you must first restate your thesis and every main point of the body of your essay after which you can answer your thesis. It is perfectly okay to change your thesis as you are writing your conclusion.

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