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November 27, 2010

Event in Orlando, FL

Arriving at a Manor de Chelsea Avenue with a kind bud buzz, Teodoro Guillen (our Graphic Artist) introduces the rest of us (Heather Mais, Katie Wines, and yours truly) to musicians and music industrialists alike.


The manor-dwellers include Chris Watters, repping Rock Ya Girl, a righteous artist agency based in Orlando, FL. Fishing a Black Keys album from his vinyl collection and playing it on the textural experience known as the record player, he tells us not to worry about missing out on the tribute Richie Havens set; as it was not Peter Baldwin who was to perform it any longer.


Well...(tokes right quick)...I did my homework on said Mr. Peter Baldwin, for he is a Rock Ya Girl artist, and you need to check him out too (exhales). For directions, follow the link cited below. And speaking of Peter Baldwin, next, I was able to meet his representation, James "Tru" Truitt, Proprietor of Rock Ya Girl.  I think I have caught on to Tru's secret for finding such awesome talent. I'm guessing that Tru has a clit in his ear that vibrates when he hears good music. Who really knows?


Finally, we were all graced with the blurry motion of Kaleigh Baker, Blues | Jazz | Rock musician, preparing for her upcoming Janis Joplin set; also represented by Rock Ya Girl. When she took a break, I troubled her with typical questions usually asked of talented musicians. She is a storyteller with her music, especially for that rotgut whiskey. But she is clearly truly motivated by real inspirations such as Billie Holiday and The Beatles. After our cigarette break, she had to meditate a little more before the show. That gives me and Teddy a chance to cut lip over some Fight Night: Round 4.


I lose my first bout due to wrongful controller configuration, and pass the damn controller to Kaleigh's photographer, Matt Jones, who runs Legendary Photo Images (website below) and plays a great Manny "Pac Man" Pacquiao. We later got affiliated more with Matt Jones on the way to Woodstock Jambando Dos in his Chevy Gladiator G20 with chronic green interior. With that van and his arsenal of Nikon cameras and lenses, I felt a little man-crush coming on. That guy is impressive!


So we reach the Plaza Theater off of Bumby Avenue, Chris distributes our tickets, and we ambulate towards the doors. Renditions of 1969 Woodstock CCR are heard immediately. And almost immediately is when I sign Florida's petition for Medical Marijuana (website also cited below).


After Teddy (Teodoro) saves the day and buys me a Strongbow before Kaleigh Baker's performance, I take a gander at the vendors' goods, wishing I had coin enough in my pockets to buy a new glass piece. All I have at home is a tiny stone bowl and papers. I make my way into the Mountain cover set and jam out to "Don't Look Around". It was perfectly executed by a band called Large Marge. A band involved with the Jambando movement.


Just a few minutes before showtime, Kaleigh swigs the bottle of SoCo once and begins to set up with the band of musicians.


Kaleigh Baker and the band, reproducing the music of Woodstock Janis Joplin, almost caused reproduction in the Plaza Theater that night. (It might have actually happened. I'll let you know in a couple of weeks if I get a knock on the door and shorty wants to be a mom; or a phone call if she wants to CTL + ALT + DELETE it). Coming from a Kaleigh Baker-virgin, the performance was that incredible. She opened with "Piece Of My Heart" and recreated the whole set with the six-piece rock star band ensemble.


I don't need to drag this out any longer. These are words from a brother who knows; when you hear about Woodstock Jambando Three next year, make sure you get tickets. Also, check out Jambando.com for future venues.




Kaleigh Baker - www.myspace.com/kaleighbaker


Peter Baldwin - www.myspace.com/peterbaldwinrocks


Rock Ya Girl - http://rockyagirl.tumblr.com/


Legendary Photo Images (Matt Jones) - http://legendaryphotoimages.com/


People United for Medical Marijuana - www.pufmm.org