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Published: January 30, 2013
Description: Choke on this.

Every morning millions of men take an overpriced piece of fabric, loop it around their necks, and tighten it. While wearing ties is mandatory in many companies, I can’t help but wonder about the impact of a glorified noose. Major vessels run up the neck, supplying the brain with oxygen. If a tie is pressing against these vessels even the tiniest bit, is the brain getting 100% of the oxygenated blood? What if it’s 99.5%? Getting .5% less may not sound like much, but that adds up to a lot over a year. For instance, with that extra .5% an investment banking analyst could be working 20 hours a day instead of 19. Research universities should study this. It would be a good use of dwindling NIH funds. What should replace the tie?

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