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March 25, 2010


What's happening fellas? Sometimes women are just women and much like the olden days, need some sort of physical assault to awaken their senses and remind them why they were created second. Unfortunately, with the institution of Communism, aka Women's Rights, talking to them "manually" is frowned upon AND against a bunch of crazy, hillbilly laws. Here's a good sub for laying your Chris Brown down: Fill a watergun with that water left over from old sour cream. You know the stuff, when it seperates from the other ingredients from sitting in the back of your fridge too long? When the "old lady" starts bitching about frivolous shit like taking out the garbage, you getting a job, or your constant sexual advances towards her hot ass aunt, let the trigger do the talkin'. Trust me, she STILL may be dumb enough to call the cops, but rest assured, when they arrive, they'll know who the "stinky" filthy troublemaker is. If you aren't a sour cream purchaser, feel free to try other "woman repellant" liquids like; butt sweat, blood from raw pork, urine, Guiness, her dad's semen (how you retrieve that is your choice), motor oil, Infamel, spoiled milk, hot sauce from BW3s, and lastly, liquified common sense, they HATE that shit.

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